Sugar Land Employment Attorney

Labor and Employment Litigation and Counseling
Employment Discrimination, Retaliation, and Harassment
  • Age
  • Sex/Pregnancy
  • Race
  • National Origin
  • Color
  • Religion
  • Disability
  • Whistleblower
  • Family Medical Leave Act
  • ERISA (medical, retiree, pension benefits)
  • Workers’ Compensation Retaliation
Overtime claims (Fair Labor Standards Act)
  • FLSA litigation – misclassification and off-the-clock claims
  • Wage and Hour counseling
Department of Labor Investigations/Audits
FLSA and I-9 audits
COBRA  Notice Violations
OSHA Investigations
Responding to EEOC or TWC discrimination charges
Independent contractor classification
Employment Contracts/Non-Compete Agreements
  • Drafting and reviewing
  • Temporary Restraining Orders
  • Temporary Injunctions
Severance Negotiations
Employment Torts
  • Interference with employment contract
  • Public policy (Sabine Pilot) wrongful termination
  • Defamation
Employee Handbooks and Policies

We Resolve Discrimination, Severance Agreements, Employment Contracts & More

When you are dealing with legal violations at work, you may not feel comfortable in confrontations or negotiations. An employment attorney is trained to handle such situations and is often better at these than the average person. They understand the nature of workplace issues and can stand up to bullies and aggressive employers. An employment attorney also has the personality to fight for your rights. These are just a few reasons to hire an employment attorney. You may not be comfortable fighting legal violations at work, so get help from Sud Law P.C. today.

If you are an employee who has been discriminated against at work, has been subjected to sexual harassment, or is owed unpaid wages, you may want to hire an employment attorney. Hiring an employment attorney is a smart move, because they understand all aspects of employment law, and can help you get the best possible outcome.

Consult Sugar Land’s Best Employment Attorney

These attorneys understand the legal system and how to present your case in the best way possible. In addition to protecting your rights, an employment attorney can provide valuable insight to a business owner or manager who is facing difficult decisions about their employees. The cost of retaining an attorney can be prohibitive, so you should choose only the most effective law firm to handle your case.

Hiring an employment attorney can help you avoid a costly court battle and minimize your stress. They can also help you fight a case that goes to court. Having a lawyer on your side will show your employer that you are serious about your rights. It is also the best way to protect your interests and prevent an unjust termination from happening. If you feel your workplace is a dangerous place to work, you can use the services of an employment attorney to fight for your rights. Contact Sud Law P.C. today!