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  • Temporary Restraining Orders
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Employment Torts
  • Interference with employment contract
  • Public policy (Sabine Pilot) wrongful termination
  • Defamation
Employee Handbooks and Policies

Let Our Houston Employment Attorney Review Your Contract

When a formal written employment contract is breached, a qualified employment contract attorney is the best option for the job seeker. These contracts protect you in the event of an employer’s breach of contract, and can even help you recover economic damages. One of the most important services that an employment contract provides is job security. These agreements help to protect employees from termination for a variety of reasons. If you have experienced this type of breach of contract, contact Sud Law P.C. for representation.

While formal written employment agreements are relatively rare, they are common in industries where labor is tight and employees are highly valued. Many companies use these agreements to retain important employees, including top sales and marketing people, technical experts, and those with access to sensitive information. However, they are often unenforceable.

Consult Our Houston Employment Contract Attorney

An employment contract can be informal if both parties involved are in agreement. A simple oral promise to work may be enough to create a de facto employment relationship. Even if a formal written agreement isn’t signed, the terms of the employment contract will still be determined by the actions of the parties. For example, employers must inform employees of the minimum contract content. However, even if oral agreements are not binding, they can still constitute a legal relationship.

Whether formal written employment agreements are rare or not, they are necessary to protect both parties. An employment contract specifies the terms and conditions of an employee’s employment, including the duration of employment, acceptable reasons for termination, and severance pay. In addition to being legally binding, an employment contract also prevents an employee from working for a competitor. This way, employers can protect themselves from potential lawsuits from disgruntled employees. Contact Sud Law P.C. to get started on your employment case.