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Consult Our Houston Attorney On Your Severance Agreement

If you are preparing to sign a severance agreement, you should consider consulting a severance agreement attorney. Not only can a severance agreement attorney make sure that the terms are fair to both parties, but they can also ensure that your employer follows employment rights. In addition to reviewing the agreement, a severance agreement attorney can discuss the issues that led to its creation. They can advise you on whether you should sign the document or not, negotiate for changes, and even file a lawsuit against your employer if your rights have been violated.

If you’ve been offered a severance package, your rights are at stake. Often, severance agreements contain draconian confidentiality, non-disparagement, and liquidated damages clauses. While a severance agreement is meant to be confidential, there are several exceptions. An employee’s rights are protected by hiring an experienced employment attorney to review the contract before it is signed.

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While severance agreements normally contain broad language, the purpose of the agreement is to protect the employer from any possible legal liability. A severance agreement can limit the employee’s ability to sue a former employer, which can be dangerous for a job hunt. Additionally, a severance agreement may be pressured by a boss who fears that an employee will hire an attorney. If you’re ever unsure about employment law, you can get our employment attorney to explain what your rights are and how you are protected.

A severance agreement attorney is essential to protect the rights of an employee who has been dismissed or fired. The attorney will analyze the terms of the agreement and make sure that all legal rights are preserved. You can consult our employment attorney at Sud Law P.C. so they can evaluate your case and give advisement on your next step. Contact us today!